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Gangwon International Biennale Highlights ‘The Dictionary of Evil’ Through Arts and Culture

Gangwon International Biennale

The Gangwon International Biennale with its provocative theme of “The Dictionary of Evil” is currently ongoing at the Gangneung Green City Experience Center (e-Zen), through March 18. The art and culture festival kicked off on February 3 at the Gangneung Green City Experience Center, Exhibition Hall B, heralding a ‘Cultural Olympics’.

110 artistic works by 58 individuals and teams are being exhibited all over Hall A and Hall B of the Gangneung Green City Experience Center. The curators comprise Koreans and other international artists from 23 different countries.

Each collection or individual works seems to tackle an element of social evil that contradict with the Olympic spirit of ‘harmony and coexistence, equality, humanism, and peace’.

These reflections of the different faces of evil were highlighted during the opening ceremony of the Biennale.

“The artworks raise the issues that plague mankind. It is a paradox way to highlight the spirit of the Olympics.” – Hong Kyung-Han, an art critic and Artistic Director of the Biennale, highlighted. He continued, “the role of the artists is finding the best strategies to solve these problems.”

In explaining the ‘Dictionary of Evil” theme, Han Sai Por, Singaporean artist who represented all the exhibiting artists, said “evil is only part of the human behavior. It cannot overturn the true values of humanity.” She hoped their works will inspire a safe and peaceful world as they seek to solve the problems.

The Biennale is part of over 100 cultural programs being run by Korean government on the occasion of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Conceived in 2013, the Gangwon International Biennale envisaged it will embody a national wish of hosting a successful Winter Games for the first time in the region.

A host of renowned curators from around the world who is showcasing their works remain on standby to take visitors through their journeys and explore the “Dictionary of Evil” from different perspectives.


In a congratulatory message, Choi Moon-soon, Governor of Gangwon Province said, “the Games is a great opportunity for the province and Korea to take a new leap forward.” He further emphasized how the Biennale would continue to be a valuable legacy of not only the Olympic Games but also a cultural and artistic treasure for Korea.

A closing ceremony will be held at the same venue on Saturday, March 17, 2018, from 4 PM.

The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games will also close on Sunday, March 18.

Admission to the Biennale and its side attractions remains FREE.


More information can be found at www.gwbien.com. You can also call or email at Tel.: 82-33-243-0784~5 E-mail: biennale@gwbien.com

Gangwon International Biennale
Rafael Gomez Barros (Colombia) – “House Taken’ that displays about 400 ant pieces on a building







Gangwon International Biennale
Han Hyoseok (Korea) – The Equilibrium of Inequality


Gangwon International Biennale
Khadim Ali (Pakistan), Fragment from Untitled 21


Gangwon International Biennale
Chang Jia (Korea), O-N-M-Y-M-A-R-K-!


Gangwon International Biennale
Abadalla Al Omari, (Syria) ‘The Boat, acrylic on Canvas’


Gangwon International Biennale




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