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Songs for A Walk In the Park: South Korea’s Green Day (Aug 14)

As we may already know, South Korea is famous for their unofficial love holidays at the 14th of every month. For August 14, it’s Green Day! Green Day is a day where lovers would enjoy soju (green bottled Korean liquor) and take romantic walks in the woods.

If you’re single or have no woods nearby you, fret not! You could still enjoy this love holiday by having your earphones in with the following list of songs for a walk in the park. Or a walk in the streets. Or a walk in your mind palace. It’s a love holiday, and loving yourself definitely counts as a valid point to celebrate. 🙂

p/s: If you’re in a relationship, having this playlist in the background while taking your walk isn’t a bad idea too. *winkwink*

What are some of your go-to songs when talking your walk of solitude? 🙂


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