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Are there scholarships in Korea? Did you study on scholarship in Korea? I get asked this question a lot of times. One of the dilemmas of most international students in accessing tertiary education is finance.

Many students, mostly from developing countries has to grapple with the difficulty of securing funds to cover their tertiary studies; be it undergraduate, graduate or doctoral program.

Here is the catch. Quality education is predominant in Korea. It is a no-joke arena. Korean society has 97.9% literacy rate. Yes, I think they are heading to 100% in a few years to come.

As an alumnus of a Korean University, I have experienced how much credence Koreans attach to education. Students don’t play hooky in this part of the globe. They believe that education is a great recipe for success and economic development, hence the massive investment in the field since 1945.

There are about 191 different universities in Korea. Currently, Korea has opened its doors to international students due to the high academic reputation of Korean higher education institutes.

Seoul National University, the nation’s premier is positioned 45th globally, by the Times Higher Education World Reputation rankings.

More strikingly is the offer of a variety of scholarships in diverse fields to students from developing countries. Courses range from Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Sports, and Business.

These scholarships in Korea usually cover return air tickets, full tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.

That’s not all.

Studies in Korea is balanced with extracurricular activities, Korean culture assimilation programs, Korean language studies, field trips, special lectures, conferences, and workshops.

How generous! Why don’t you pick up your stuff and head to Korea to enjoy this benefaction? These are opportunities that rarely pops up, and you can’t afford to miss out.

Here are four major scholarship programs in Korea you can apply to or recommend to anyone interested in studying in Korea.

1. Korea Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

KGSP is an official government-run scholarship program for anyone interested in studying in Korea. Every other year, the application is open to students from 167 different countries to competitively fill 815 spots. This shows that it is a tough rigorous process. Eligible candidates can apply either through the Korean Embassy in his/her country or apply directly to the school.

Applications conventionally open from February until March depending on the school and country. Why don’t you find out more information on the comprehensive requirement and eligibility criteria here; STUDY IN KOREA.


2. Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Scholarships

The KOICA program invites qualified candidates from developing countries to undertake further studies, mainly Master’s degree in fields such as Public Administration, International Studies, development, and economics programs. It is the official Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) project, hence, only high caliber candidates working in the Government or public organizations are eligible.

Students are expected to return to their home countries after completion to take up key leadership and transformational roles in their development.  More information can be obtained from the Ministry of Affairs of the developed countries and also on the KOICA website; KOICA SCHOLARSHIPS.

3. Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP)

Ewha Womans University stands tall as the first modern women’s university in Korean society, dating its history back to 1886. The EGPP program is specially designed for young women from developing countries who has the grit and potential of becoming global female leaders in their fields. The university’s architectural design is an envy for many. Information on this scholarship application can be found on the official website here; EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY.

scholarships in korea
Ewha Womans University

4. Dream Together Master (DTM) Program at Seoul National University

Established in 2013, the Dream Together Master programs is a sports management ODA project implemented with funding from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Korea Institute of Sports Sciences (KISS), Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO) and the Seoul National University (SNU). It aims to train the next generation of global leaders for the sports industry and share Korea’s experiences in sport with developing countries.

Passionate and high-caliber candidates are invited from sports organizations in developing countries to be equipped with the contemporary knowledge in sport so as to solve the complex problems in the sporting world. Applications are open from January to March every year. Interested applicants can download admission requirements at DTM ADMISSIONS.

Photo: Seoul National University

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